Liverpool Festival Masterclasses and Experiences

As you’d expect, we’re running our famous blending workshops and cocktails masterclasses, giving you lots more one-on-one time with visiting, and in-house experts.

But as 2018 is our 10th birthday, we’ve got some new ideas to broaden your minds, heighten the senses, and keep you coming back for more!

You must also hold a valid festival ticket to attend a masterclass or experience.


Mackmyra: The Origins of Swedish Whisky with Magnus Dandanell

Mackmyra, founded in 1999, is now firmly established in the world of whisky and is proud to be somewhat different than their compatriots, as well as distilleries elsewhere in the world. Gravity plays a big part in their innovative seven-storey-high distillery, and the oak they use in their barrels was planted 160 years ago to make warships for the Swedish Navy.

Want to know more? Distillery founder Magnus Dandanell is flying over especially to present this exciting tasting to you.

Masterclass Times

2pm |  7pm


Eddie Ludlow – 10th Anniversary Tasting

Quite simply unmissable. An hour in the company of the legendary whisky raconteur and author Charlie Maclean and Whisky Lounge founder Eddie Ludlow.

The two have known each other for 20 years and are good friends with a similar thirst for the good stuff…

There will be fine whisky, fine chat and a fine feeling for you after the class is finished!

Masterclass Times

1pm | 6pm


The Whisky Blending Lab

You don’t have to be a whisky expert, but you do have to come with an open mind and be prepared to apply both your palate and your brain as you construct your very own blended whisky.

Our expert will guide you through the process and you then get to name and bottle your own blend to take home to proudly show off to all and sundry!

Session Times

1st Session

12.45pm | 1.45pm | 2.45pm

2nd Session

5.45pm | 6.45pm | 7.45pm


Whisky Baptism

The Whisky Baptism provides a laid back, informal environment where we break down barriers, unlock myths, educate and excite those who haven’t ever tried whisky or are cautious about where to start. You’ll learn about whisky production and how best to appreciate it, before you get to try it out in the main halls!

Whisky Baptism tickets aren’t available to buy in advance. We’ll be taking sign-ups on the day.

Earn some brownie points and watch our short Whisky Baptism video