Product Description

Just about every whisky drinker you talk to can remember the moment (or moments) that got them into whisky.

Whether it was a friend, relative or total stranger that first presented you with a glass of swirling liquid gold, there’s one thing we all have in common… We never looked back!

Whisky truly is the most amazing and diverse spirit in the world and we want to show you why. Even the most experienced whisky drinkers started out somewhere and that’s what this pack is all about.

If you like whisky, have a burgeoning curiosity or simply want to refresh your knowledge then the TWL Guide To Whisky Tasting Pack is perfect. A tasting of six drams signing off the main flavour groups found in traditional whisky. From the light and delicate to the heavy and smoky this pack has the lot.

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Each pack contains printed info on the whiskies and – of course – a sample of the whiskies themselves. On an evening of your choosing, you simply pour yourself the whiskies, read through the notes, perhaps a bit of online dabbling and include us and the relevant hashtag for any Tweeting you might choose to do. Simples!

Each pack contains a 20ml sample of each whisky. There are only a limited number of packs and once they’re gone they’re gone! 


We understand that for whatever reason you may not be able to be at one of our tastings on the dates we set. However, we also understand that this can cause great anxiety and stress as all of these tastings are generally unmissable! Well now there is no excuse to miss any whisky tasting action with our ‘mail-order tasting packs’.