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A New Way to Think – and Drink – Whisky…

Our Founder – Eddie Ludlow has been on a very simple mission since 2008: “to turn everyone on to whisky”. He has done more than anyone in the industry to bring new people into the water of life.

‘Whisky – A Tasting Course’, published by DK on Thursday 3rd October, is a natural extension of this mission. This book is an excellent ‘how to guide’ for getting the best out of tasting whisky. Ideal for people looking to learn a bit more.

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The best – and most enjoyable – way to find out about whiskies is by drinking them. This truly hands-on handbook takes you on a tasting journey to discover your own personal whisky style, and helps you to expand your horizons so you can find a world of new whiskies to enjoy.

Through a series of guided at-home tastings, you’ll get familiar with the full spectrum of whisky aromas and flavours on offer – from the smoky tang of Islay peat to the aromatic scent of Japanese oak. Find out how to engage all your senses to navigate the range of malts, grains and blended whiskies and get to grips with different whisky styles. Take a tasting tour of the world’s finest makers, including iconic Scottish distilleries and small-scale artisan producers all over the globe.

And as you become more whisky-confident, you can break out of your whisky comfort zone. Do you love the honeyed sweetness of a Kentucky Bourbon? If so, why not try a smooth malt that’s been aged in ex-Bourbon barrels? Or a creamy, oat-infused Irish craft whiskey?

Guides to whisky prices and ages will help you to make smart buys. Discover how to pour, store and serve whiskies and match them with foods. Learn to mix cocktails, from a classic whiskey sour to your own signature creation.

With 20 step-by-step whisky tastings, clear infographics and jargon-busting advice – taste your way to whisky wisdom.


If you wanted your copy signing you only need ask, just drop us an email to it’ll only cost you an extra tenner (just kidding!)”