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Whisky Lounge ‘Dignatory’ Membership


Looking for a unique gift with lots of goodies and perks? Then look no further than our ‘Dignatory’ membership package!

It also includes Eddie Ludlow’s (The Whisky Lounge Founder) new book, which is a great way to get started on your (or your loved one’s) whisky journey.


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Product Description

Here’s what each  ‘Dignatory’ membership includes

  • A signed copy of TWL founder, Eddie Ludlow’s book, ‘Whisky – A Tasting Course’
  • 1 free 70cl bottle of TWL Dram 101 Blended Speyside Malt
  • 2 free VIP tickets to a TWL Festival of your choice
  • 2 free black ‘Under the Counter’ tokens for your chosen festival
  • 2 free tickets for any regular price monthly tasting (up to £25) in a city of your choice (see list of locations below)
  • 2 free Glencairn Whisky Tasting Glasses
  • 2 free TWL Lanyards
  • First refusal on special offers, bottlings and events


The total value of these items, if you were to buy them all separately could be at least £340 (depending on the price of certain tickets), so this really is a no-brainer!

Cities we currently operate in;

Bristol (festival only)
Edinburgh (festival only)
Nottingham (festival only)
Sheffield (tastings only)
Birmingham (tastings only)
Chester (tastings only)
Leeds (tastings only)



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