Blending Workshop Tasting Kit



Blending whisky is one of those things shrouded in mystery...

Whether it was a friend, relative or total stranger that first presented you with a glass of swirling liquid gold, there’s one thing we all have in common… We never looked back!

Now it is time for you to learn and discover new skills you never knew you had!

This pack is ideal for that person in your life (if not you!) that likes to try new things and learn more about whisky-making. Specifically you/they will be learning about blending and how to blend, before having a go yourself!

The accompanying 'on-demand' video is presented by our founder, Eddie Ludlow, and is designed to guide you through the process of blending, as well as give you enlightening information on whisky-making and the history of blending.

Each pack contains the following...

2 Blended Scotch whisky samples (25ml each)

4 Anonymous Scotch Single Malt samples (50ml each)

1 Anonymous Scotch Single Grain samples (50ml)

1 Measuring Cylinder

2 Empty bottles and labels for your final blend

The blending process itself is quite straight-forward and we have had thousands of people do it with us, in person. It is great fun and is designed to be enjoyed by one person, or even as a pair.

The only things not included, that you might want, are glasses (whisky tasting or even wine glasses are fine) and water, which you might want to drink and even add to the whiskies.

To support your pack we have an On Demand ‘taste-a-long’ at home video on our FB page and YouTube. Each pack contains details of how and where to find this video.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for your order.

Please Note: The pack does not contain the pictured glasses, measuring flask or other items not described above.

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