My first memory of Eddie was meeting him in York at a whisky show back in 2005 during our early team days at Moet Hennessy UK. We were both new members to the whisky team that had been created following the purchase of The Glenmorangie Company.

As part of the new team, it was our job to evangelise about whisky and showcase these wonderful brands within the business, whereby whisky was a new family member. We wanted to ensure whisky was at the forefront of the company’s minds – and where there was whisky, there would be Eddie close by acting as a true’ jedi’ of the category and the brands.

From day one, Eddie struck me as someone who took whisky way beyond his day job – he knew more than any of us about the spirits, the places and the people – all from teaching himself and being passionate about it.

And 17 years on, this passion, knowledge and absolute focus for spreading the word of the wonders of whisky is more apparent than ever, brought to life, of course through The Whisky Lounge alongside Amanda. It is this genuine interest and passion that shows through in everything The Whisky Lounge does.

Eddie’s passion for whisky and skills in communicating it, coupled with Amanda’s organisation, logistics and business perspective makes The Whisky Lounge the huge success and delight to work with that it is today. They love what they do – they live and breathe it, constantly looking at ways to evolve, grow and continue to inspire.

What do I love most about TWL? Aside from working with a straight talking, knowledgeable and really fun group of people, it’s that extra something…. That feeling when you walk into a Whisky Lounge event, it feels totally unique. There’s a special family approach to each and every event and experience – a sense of belonging in an industry that is made ever more welcoming, approachable and loveable through people like Eddie and Amanda.

Congratulations on TWL 10 Years guys – you deserve every success!  And good luck for the next 10 years!

Emily Harris

May Fox Communication